blackstone pellets


Project and Process Description

Blackstone only purchases first class packaging materials. Our bags are durable enough so they won't tear and made with high quality UV protected plastic to stand up to the elements.

  • 40 lbs. of pellets per bag
  • Bags are 4.75 mil. thick - strong and durable
  • 50 bags placed on each pallet by a fully automated robot. 
  • Automated stacking makes a square unit with no bags hanging over, which would increase the likelihood of broken bags
  • Covered in a 2.75 mil thick UV protected pallet hood. 
  • Shrunk wrap to make a strong, completely sealed unit, ready for retail sale

Use for Pellets

  • Wood Pellets for Industrial Use

  • Small Furnace for Domestic Heating

  • Hot Water Supply

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